Huakaʻi to Hamakua Springs Farm

IMG_3685Papa ʻElima went on our first huakaʻi this year…we were privileged to go visit Uncle Richard Haʻs Hamakua Springs Farm IMG_3697in Pepeʻekeo.  The students learned so much on our brief visit from Aunty Tracy (Uncle Richardʻs daughter and 3rd generation farmer) about sustainability, farming techniques, cost, business plans, how to grow a specific fruit, etc…Instead of me sharing all the learning…Iʻll let our students write about their learning.  Click on the comments button to read all about it!

Aunty Tracy sharing her manaʻo on farming

Aunty Tracy sharing her manaʻo on farming

IMG_3687Students:  Share your learning from our huakaʻi so others who read our class blog can learn something new too.  Be specific.  End your sharing with what you are now thinking of, what youʻre wanting to learn about because of our huakaʻi.  Dive deeper in your responses, please.  You are now our guest blogger!   To be completed in class. IMG_3691 Mahalo Uncle Richard and Aunty Tracy for graciously sharing your wealth of knowledge and for taking the time to pass it on!  Go ahead students, pass it on!  Uncle Richard has always been a supporter of student learning…he willingly kōkuaʻd his manaʻo with the students at Kaūmana Elem. when I was a teacher there and also worked closely with Kumu Lehua when he was a Principal at Keaukaha Elem.  Check Uncle Richardʻs posts from his blog a few years back!  Click on the two links here to see how Uncle Richard shares his heart with all!  Uncle Richardʻs Blog Post  and hereʻs his blog post on his pilina with Kumu Lehua too!  Keaukahaʻs pilina

Nānā I Ke Kumu!  Look to the Source


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