FISH! Food for Thought #14: Keep A Poem In Your Pocket…

On Wednesday, April 17, the students of Kula Haʻahaʻa will be celebrating Poetry month by having a Poem in your Pocket day!  Hereʻs a poem for students to ponder as we get ready to begin our 29th day together on Monday! You need to find a poem that you like, that represents you, is funny, is about school, is about something you love, etc…the choice is yours, but you must have a poem in your pocket on Wednesday! 🙂

Simple Truth Poem

Simple Truth Poem

Students:  share what you think this poem means, offer proof/evidence from the text to support your meaning in paragraph #1.  Make connections to our class also and share examples from the text and our class to support your answers in paragraph #2.  Word to the Wise….as I said many times before, you must read the poem and directions carefully and make sure you include all that is required.  Commenting quickly, doesnʻt make you thoughtful!  I am not offering a 2nd chance, please revise before you hit reply. 

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