The iPads are Here!

Get ready for the big leap into 21st century learning!

Get ready for the big leap into 21st century learning!

Attention Students! The iPads are on campus. We hope to get them in your hands by Tuesday! Have a great rest of the weekend! I finally updated the Mini Me too! (The Voki) Updated 3/4/13…Hereʻs the latest on the iPads…they should arrive in our classroom by Tuesday afternoon!

3/5/13: (On Tabʻs Birthday!)   4:50pm Update:  Share your thoughts, feeling, excitement, or anything about iPads arriving in our classroom.  Please refrain from saying it is great or fun…as I would consider these just “good enough” sentences with NO thought behind it.  Always put your best foot forward in everything you do, whether anyone is watching or not.  By the way…My Book Creator App presentation with my Lokahi Sharing Book “crashed and burned” today at the faculty meeting.  The sound didnʻt work at all!  I canʻt believe it!  It worked fine when I shared it with you this morning!  Oh well…thatʻs how the 21st c. ball bounces!  🙂  





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