Lawe i ka Ma’alea a Kū’ono’ono: Take Wisdom and Make It Deep!

Lawe i ka Ma’alea a Kū’ono’ono: Take Wisdom and Make it Deep…This ‘olelo noe’au from our Working Exit Outcomes (WEO) is exactly what the 5B FISH! Philosophers did today! Make wisdom deep! Dive in to learn how our 21st century learning experience began…
My son shared a video that the High Schoolers made doing the “Harlem Shake” with me. I thought it was the coolest! He informed me that it also was on the Hawai’i News…I shared the video with the 5B FISH! to show them that working together can be fun! The FISH! all wanted to create their own version of the “Harlem Shake”…they did not want to “bite” off the High Schoolers, more like “emulate” the High Schoolers!

The students were given the task to plan, prepare, & execute their version of the Harlem Shake under the parameters of time (they had 1 hr.), the whole team needed to be involved, & everything must be a group discussion & decision. They brainstormed ideas with many of the students taking turns to facilitate the process. They were to video, edit, post, etc…all on their own, with no help from me…not that I could be of much help anyway!

Lessons Learned:
1-For a team to be a team, you must work together. Its ok to not agree on everything, but always remember…“Aloha Aku, Aloha Mai!” If you give love, you will receive love!
2-Learning comes in many forms! “Ma ka hana ka ike”…In the journey of the task is the learning! In our journey today, we practiced our 21st century tech skills~using iMovie, time management, team building skills to communicate and collaborate effectively, to respect our elders…in this case, our High school brothers and sisters by wanting to learn from them & most importantly, that learning can be FUN too!
3-That the seemingly “unintentional” learning…can be very INTENTIONAL! 😉 Students will surely remember how teamwork, team effort, team consideration can help you to attain your goal…Pīholo ‘oe, Pīholo Kākou-Ones actions, good or bad, affect ALL the ohana! In this case our team.
4-Lawe i ka Ma’alea a Kū’ono’ono-I am certain that wisdom ran deep today. Have your keiki share the process that the team went through to get this blog post up and running! Hear from them the wonderful mo’olelo of a little “school of FISH!” that swam strong together!
Haumāna/Ohana: Got mana’o??? Please share comments on the process, what you learned, what part of the learning that you will remember, etc…  Explain your thoughts! 🙂

Enjoy our video, click on it above…smile, get up, jump in, crack up laughing, and shake yourself into a great weekend! :0  Have a great ALOHA Friday!

P.S.  Hereʻs the link to our High School Brothers and Sisters doing the original KS Harlem Shake!

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