Ohana Alert for the Week of Feb. 18-22

Hoʻailona (Sign) that Trimester #3 will be WONDERFUL!

Hoʻailona (Sign) that Trimester #3 will be WONDERFUL!

Here’s another week at a glance…Attention to 5B Ohana

Trimester #3 is upon us, 2/3 of the year is over and we are in the home stretch “swimming hard” into the last 1/3 now…Just a friendly reminder 🙂 that at times students are asked to post a comment on a specific blog posting.  When it is written in student planners as homework, it IS an assignment and therefore will be graded.  Not completing the assignment on time will  impact grades.  Students are reminded in class to be aware that when they see pink on the blog, a response is necessary.  Blue is a color to call attention for Ohana.  **Note: On the menu bar above, youʻll see SL Conference Sign up for Tri #2.  Click on it and youʻll see the sign up sheet.  Please email me with your choice over the weekend if youʻd like.  A hard copy will be given out to students on Tues., Feb. 19.  Remember, it is  first come, first serve, although I always try my best to honor one of the choice selections!   🙂 Thought Iʻd give you an additional opportunity to get the date and time that would work best for you as a MAHALO for checking our class blog!  🙂  Swim Strong! 

Mon., Feb. 18:  NO SCHOOL  President’s Day…Enjoy your ohana time!

Tues., Feb. 19-Day 3: Student-Led Conference sign up will be sent home with students today!  Check those back packs!  Itʻs 1st come, 1st served 🙂  The guidelines for Nå Koa reward day #7 also going home today!  Look for a 1/2 pink sheet.  🙂

Wed., Feb. 20-Day 4: Nā Koa Reward Day #7…It’s Kalakoa Day, the more colors you wear, the BETTER!   Please follow the requirements! If you have  ?s…see Mr. Kudo.  The guideline half sheet going home on Tuesday.  It is also Library day, bring your books to school to avoid any overdue fees!  Remember, plan ahead…9 genres for Trimester #3!  Keep reading!  Go! Go! Go!

Thurs., Feb. 21-Day 5:  We will be Skypeing with Baltimore today!  Mahalo Ms. Richardson for always providing us with wonderful high tech learning opportunities!

Fri., Feb. 22-Day 6: Its A-L-O-H-Friday and Aloha wear day!  We will be attending a play put on by our very own Papa ʻEkahi today.

Mana’o o ka pule (Thought of the week): Haumāna, please respond to this ʻolelo noeʻau: “Pīholo ʻoe, Pīholo Kākou”


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