More Hit Genre Gold!

Newest Genre Gold Members!

More of the 5B students are “cultivating” their reading tastebuds by reading a multitude of genres in class and at home! All haumåna are truly “growing!” As the trimester rapidly closes, the FISH! are swimming stronger than ever to met their goal of completing 9 genres! Many students have surprised themselves by enjoying new genres that they are reading now! Some of the comments were, ” I didnʻt know about that genre, I thought that was a terrible genre, I only liked fantasy, but now, my new favorite is historical fiction!” The one I personally like the best…”I would have never tried that genre if you didnʻt “force” us to read 9 genres…but I now love it!” Meet our newest Genre Gold Members…Tab, Keawe, DJ, Kyra, & Davin. Letʻs not forget too that Travis meet his 9 genre goal awhile back in the trimester!

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