Mahalo Trustee Ing

Kula Haʻahaʻa was honored today with a visit from Trustee Ing, who will be ending his decade long term as a Kamehameha Schools Trustee on Dec. 31 @ 11:59pm. The Haumāna, Kumu, Poʻo Kumu, & Poʻo Kula all had an opportunity to listen to Trustee Ing share manaʻo on the importance of the Hawaiian Values…especially Kuleana, Haʻahaʻa, and Pono and being able to use it to guide us for the rest of our lives.
The Haumāna also had an a chance to ask him a few questions on his farewell trip to our beautiful Keaʻau campus…From “It is important for all of us to go to college, are the Kamehameha Trustees looking into creating a Kamehameha University? to “There are so many other Hawaiian students that do not have the great opportunity that we have here at KS, “Are the Trustees thinking of expanding our school to allow more students to be invited?” to even “What do you plan to do with your time now?” As his eyes twinkled, he responded…”Grandchildren!”
Trustee Ing was gracious and thoughtful as he shared all of his manaʻo with the students and shared that one day, as he was a student at Kamehameha Schools, one of them may have the honor of being a Trustee too. We wish you a fond farewell, Trustee Ing! A Hui Hou! Enjoy your Moʻopuna!

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