Makahiki 2012

The haumānā in Papa ʻEkolu to Papa ʻElima held our own Makahiki at Kula Haʻahaʻa yesterday! The students shared their ʻike of proper protocol and presented an ʻoli as makana that they learned in Hawaiian class with Kumu Crabbe and the proper way to play the many makahiki games they learned with Mrs. Lee in PE. Mahalo to all for a wonderful, fun time that highlighted the importance of learning and showcased lōkahi among us all at Kula Haʻahaʻa! Hereʻs a makahiki fact for you: In October or November, the Pleiades constellation, the Makali‘i, rises marking the start of the Makahiki season. For the next four months, ceremonies of the harvest honoring Lono, the god of peace, games, hula, and feasting were held.

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