Genres Galore…See Who Completed the 9 Genres for Tri. #1

Hoʻomaikaʻi Keawe, Kyra, & Travis
For Turning “Genre GOLD”

E Kala Mai Ka’u I’a…I have the photo of the FISH! who swam into 9 genres on my laptop.  Unfortunately, I am working off of my iPad now.  Promise to post photo for everyone to celebrate upon my return to school.   Have a great evening! 🙂
Here it is kaʻu Iʻa! Hoʻomaikaʻi to Keawe, Kyra, & Travis for completing ALL 9 genres this trimester. They did a great job of stretching themselves to read new genres instead of going back to their “favorite” one. The students have been sharing how the 9 genre requirement has encouraged (forced :)them to read genres that they would have never chosen on their own. Some have shared that they now have NEW genre favorites! Some have shared exciting stories from books and others have great “aha” moments. As we all learned about genres, the class also decided that we needed to ADD to our extensive genre list. They felt that “Survival” is a genre that should be included. We discussed this, found actual books that would fit into this genre, and made a list of titles. Learning is not only taking in knowledge, but to also share it, use it, and create new knowledge!
Thatʻs what I love to hear! When we stretch ourselves, when we step out of our comfort zone (in this case, our “go to” genre)… We learn, We grow, and WE AMAZE OURSELVES! Remember our manaʻo o ka pule: ʻE Onipaʻa i ka imi naʻauao…Be steadfast in seeking knowledge! Yippee!

**NOTE: Last day for book presentations to count books: Fri., Oct.26th!

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