FISH! On Huakaʻi

The 5th Graders went on a wonderful huakaʻi today to Mokupāpapa.   We got to learn about Mokupāpapa Hanau Moku, coral reefs and its importance to our ecosystem, how too much CO2 in our atmosphere leaves a bad footprint on our environment & ends up in our oceans, how NOAA is trying to help, and how the many species of animal and plant (land and ocean) are now thriving because of their efforts.  In 2006, then President George W. Bush signed a law to protect 140,000 miles of our Hawaiian water by creating a National Preserve.  There is hope for our planet if we all are good stewards of the land!  Join us, One Team, One Heart, One World!  Kaʻu Iʻa, Please share your new learning from todayʻs huakaʻi AND explain one way that you can be a good steward for our environment.  Please ponder the questions, be thoughtful, respond with 1-2 paragraphs, and revise your work BEFORE you hit reply.  Due date for posting your comment, Tues., Sept. 18th, 8:00am. This will be part of Mondayʻs homework! Donʻt forget, pay it forward, share your newly acquired manaʻo with an ohana member!  We learn, we teach!


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