Teamwork at its Finest!

Ever see a great team function?  Ever watch something with a feeling in your gut that something amazing was about to happen?  Ever think that something special was about to take place?  Well, in class we discuss how the difference between good and great is ATTITUDE!  We talk about how each member is important and needed to make our team work right!    It is no easy feat to move from good to great, but I have that feeling now!  All 24 of us areI constantly in discussion about how we don’t have identical twins, well, Nae’ole does, but Nalu’s not in our class…and so we embrace our differences and work hard to move forward with one heart to learn, work, play, and enjoy our days together by being one team.

Just because I am the teacher, it doesn’t mean that I stop learning!  Today was a great example of that!  Kahuwai shared with me an app on the ipad that she uses, I might add, very proficiently uses to make collages of her photos.  I became the student, she became the teacher.  Thought I’d share my new learning with all of you!  The app is called Pic Collage.  You can make great collages with cool funky background!  Its so easy that even this ‘ol dog, I mean FISH! could learn a new trick!  Try it out and see for yourself how you too can create wonderful, stylish memories!  As I said, Teamwork at its finest….when a new leader emerges and shares the mana’o for everyone’s benefit!  I mua FISH!

Here’s Kahuwai’s great work, this pic collage respresents our class blog!

Kahuwaiʻs Pic Collage

Kaʻu Iʻa…Post a comment sharing how you lead. Give specific examples!

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