Are You Wiwoʻole?

What is wiwoʻole? Are you wiwoʻole?  This mean courageous!  To have courage.  Kula Haʻahaʻa held its annual Student Government Candidate speeches yesterday on the lanai of Haʻaeamahi Dining Hall.  Our own Kyra and Anela were so wiwoʻole!  The students got a chance to experience a real life election process which began with campaigning,  writing and presenting campaign speeches to the K-5 student body which highlighted thoughts on how each would serve all haumāna if elected, & culminating in actually voting for the candidate of choice.  Great job 5B FISH!

Hoʻomaikaʻi to Kyra, our newly elected President for this school year and to Anela for agreeing to be our 5B Classroom Representatives!

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