Update From the “Sandbox”

Here’s a snippet of an email that I received from Uncle Paul last night…
Tell your keiki’s and to you a big mahalo for the care packs. I didn’t expect the second round of goodies and too my surprise, the third one recently. Wow! So I will be on the look out for the last one. Even if your keiki’s send us pictures of lau lau, we going be happy.
We appreciate it this very much, even more so after reading the blog space. In fact, I printed the blog with the comments out and stuck it to the wall for all to see (who didn’t get the link or hadn’t checked it out yet). Those who read it so far are like stoked. But for sure, i’ll send the updated link to everybody to see the new video.
Again, mahalo for the support and we are humbled by all this attention. Really, this one is special! Pass that on and keep the the Fishes swimming!                                                              Ah Hee’s Advice for the Future:  Ka’u I’a…Always remember that when you do from the heart with no expectation of any return (kahiau), you can positively impact our world we live in!  Swim Strong!


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