Papa Alaka’i…Leading by Example

Ever heard of the saying, “you make my heart sing?” Today, at the mini carnival, two 5B FISH! did just that! Mrs. Chang shared a mo’olelo about how Kyden and Jesse James went out of their way to make a Kindergartener feel like he belongs! Read the comment that Mrs. Chang posted below:
I would like to share of two students in your class that made my day and I’m sure made this particular student’s day. Today at the mini carnival there was a kindergartner who didn’t want to play any games, was very shy, and looked sacred. He stood on the side just watching others play. When asked if he had ever been to any type of carnival he said no. When I asked him if he wanted to play he said no. I wondered if another student were to ask him if he would go.

I bumped into Jesse and Kyden and I explained that there was a kindergartner who was shy and didn’t want to play games. I asked them if they would be willing to include this boy and maybe ask him to play. With no hesitation and with genuine hearts, both boys said yes. They quickly went to approach the boy and followed through. I watched as these boys tried to make this kindergartner feel wanted and included. I never felt so proud as I watched them take care of this boy. Though this boy was still shy and declined, I know that this boy appreciated the gesture that Jesse and Kyden did. For at the end of the carnival I saw this kindergartner smiling, laughing with his friends and sharing with his friends the prizes he had won.

I want to thank Jesse and Kyden for being willing to take care of this boy, who may have just needed to know that his fellow students cared about him. (oh boy, my eyes swelling up with tears just thinking about it) I am so proud of you!!!!
Thank you for making my day!!!
Is your heart “singing?” Did this story give you the warm fuzzies? Are you smiling uncontrollably? Did this story make you feel proud? 5B FISH! Share a comment on how this mo’olelo made you feel or a related personal connection you have to it. I look forward to reading your mana’o!  Be thoughtful, ponder, comment with care…and correct spelling! 🙂 Imua haumana o ka Papa Alaka’i!  Imua Kamehameha!

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