Valentine’s Day With the 5B FISH!

Here’s a video of a day in the life of a FISH! A FISH! Philosopher that is! We have many things going on in our classroom that we wanted to share with you! Take a look as we moved through our day. The team began with our Morning Meeting time, read and reflected on an article about “Choosing our Attitude,” (Mrs. Evans from the WASC accreditation team joined us during this time), continued our research and discussion on Lili’uokalani for our play, had launa time (recess), collaborated for our Service Learning Project to Mahalo our Big Island “Warriors” who are serving our country overseas, & lastly wheew…had pilina time to build our friendship with a Valentine’s Day paina! Enjoy our day…we sure did! Mahalo to our ohana for diving into our fishbowl…and for all your continued support in all that we do! Go out and Make Someone’s Day…Hugs fill you up! Wishing you all love and lots of laughs! Happy Valentine’s Day from the FISH!

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