More FISH! Swim Into GENRE GOLD!!!

Congrats Nev, Randon, & Kaelyn!

Three more FISH! dive into reading! Congratulations to Nev, Randon, & Kaelyn for reading 9 different genres and attaining their trimester goal! Each of these students have a favorite genre, but now after exploring a multitude of other genres, they like more than just one! Kaelyn still loves a good obake story which gives “chicken skin” & cause hair on the back of necks to stand at attention , but can share her favorite poem written by Shel Silverstein too! Randon presented “Mr. President” & did such a great job recommending it, another student borrowed it from him.  Nev read “Neil Armstrong is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told Me.” which belongs to the humor genre, but yet included words like “spewing!”as her ninth genre.    Great job of striving to reach your goal…reading helps us to THRIVE!   Some students are working their way up to 12 genres now!        Kūlia I Ka Nu’u!

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