Genres Galore! The FISH! Swim Into Genre Goals!

Congrats First Genre Champs of Trimester #2!

At the beginning of the school year, I explained to the students and ohana that there was a 9 genre reading requirement per trimester in our class. The students took this challenge & have worked together as a team to support, encourage, & cheer each other on to accomplish this momentous task. They so willingly share genre recommendations with each other. I hear the following all the time in class, “You should read this book because it is ___ genre!” “You’ll like it because…!” The students have been paying close attention to each other’s likes and dislikes when it comes to reading and readily share their mana’o on genres, book selection, and stories.
Here are the first Genre Champs! Ho’omaika’i to Chianti, Daniel, Noah, Bree, & Saige! We expect more soon as a bunch of FISH! Philosophers are already at the 7 genre mark! Keep on Swimming through great books!  What great book have you completed lately, share your mana’o by recommending a book to a teammate.  Please include the title, author, # of pages, genre, and WHY you are recommending this book.  Explain your thoughts clearly and it should all be written in complete sentences that you have revised before sending.    I bet your teammates will appreciate it!

Job Well Done-9 Genres and Counting!

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