Congrats to our Millionaires! Noah, Bree, and Daniel

WHOOP! WHOOP! to our Millionaires! Congratulations on a job well done to Noah, Daniel, and Bree! These students are the first to read one million words! Remember way back when in August when I shared that expectation with the class and the ohana at Open House? The look of disbelief, the feel of frustration, and the sheer horror across the many faces! Here we are at the middle of the school year and WE ALREADY HAVE MILLIONAIRES! Noah said, “The reading was easy, the vocabulary part took longer, but I learned new words and meanings!”

Daniel said,” Reading books was my FAVORITE part, I can use new vocab in everyday life!” Bree said, “I think it was easy to read a million words….if people just keep on doing their vocabulary, they can get a million words too!” All three of the newly “minted” millionaires say….”KEEP ON READING, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! All of them are now shooting for the two million words! Be wiwo’ole (courageous), ho’omau (persevere), ‘imi na’auao (continue to seek knowledge) and READ, READ, READ! Imua Team!  Click on comment link to read my observations on student readers!

Imua Team! Working on TWO million words!

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