And Away We Go…

Me and "Mini Me" to the right! 🙂

Here’s a skype update!  Mrs. Stack and I discussed how we could take some of the comments that we got from students and ohana last night and put it into action.  Thanks to Mrs. Stack, we brainstormed some great ideas for Skypeing!  We both were so excited!  We will be learning about interesting careers, diseases, traveling near AND far and touring foreign lands.  Did we get your interest?  Hope so!  Follow along by visiting our blog to solve the mystery…Where in the State, Country, or maybe even World?…  Join 5B in our journey as we meet new friends, see new sights, and experience new places throughout the year!  A 5B ohana member said, “With the push of a button, our world just got smaller!”  Dive back into our fishbowl to keep updated!

P.S.  Stay tuned for more interactive blog postings and Ohana involvement.  (Another comment from 5B ohana!)  Thank you ohana for joining in, taking the time to learn along with all of us in class, and for always supporting our efforts to make learning meaningful, rewarding, and most of all F-U-N!

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