Hāweo Awardees for September


Nev and Ohana

Congratulations to Pomai and Nevaeh, our 5B Hāweo Award Winners for the month of September!  We all celebrated the girls at the luncheon today at our dining hall.  We dined on onolicious Beef Stew and rice with macaroni salad on the side, as well as our daily salad and sandwich bars.  Yum!  Our awardees had a great time dining up on the stage with their ohana!  Pomai had Mom, Dad, and even baby nephew Konnor (with his cute baby hawk) celebrate her accomplishments.  Nevaeh had Mom, Grandma, and Aunty all the way from Texas join her, along with little sis Kai the cutie!  As usual, our team was there to cheer each other on for a job well done!  Go FISH! of 5B! We are all a team!

Pomai and Ohana

Enjoying the good food and good company

Stylish Kai (see her pretty purse) getting milk

Stew didn't interest baby Konnor-Check out the do!

Enjoying the Celebration

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