The Only Way to Va-cay!


Share your way to va-cay!  How do you spend your vacation days? Share your thoughts, adventures, or photos of you enjoying your vacation!  Photos can be sent to my email so I can post it here.  From the jet-setters in Las Vegas, to the tournament players, to the shoppers, to the loungers, and the readers….Choose your attitude in whatever you are doing, be present and pay attention, play, and go out and MAKE SOMEONEʻS DAY!  🙂  See ya soon team!  The following are photos sent in to me of our team having vacation fun!  This is how you do it!

Pomai, Joselyn, Halia, & ohana having fun in the sun @ QLCC!

Kiara & Ohana at HI Volcan Nat'l Park

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