Blood, Blood, Blood!: Skype”ing” with Kapālama Seniors

Skypeing with Mr. Culley's Class from Kapālama

On Wed., the students of 5B got a chance to skype with Mr. Cully’s Senior Science Class from our Kāpalama campus on O’ahu.  Mr. Cully teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology and we got to watch as they looked at different kinds of blood through the microscope.  Even human blood!  We got to ask questions like how much blood does the human body contain? How fast does oxygen travel through the human body? What elements does blood contain? and Where is blood made? We were so impressed with Mr. Cully’s students, they could accurately answer all the questions! Did you know that iron is the element that makes our blood red?  The seniors sure did!   We also found out that many of them wanted to work in the medical field when they complete college.  We hope that one day they will be caring for us!

We learned proper etiquette for skype”ing” thanks to Mrs. Stack!  We sure hope that we can join Mr. Cully’s class again for more science learning.  Here’s a link to Mr. Cully’s blog page 🙂     Check out what he posted on our joint skype.

Mr. Culley's Class in the lab…looking at blood!


A Hui Hou!

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