FISH! Food for Thought-The 100/0 Principle-Kahiau

The 100/0 Principle | Store Landing.

Hi Students,

Found this short inspirational video that so represents our Hawaiian value of “Kahiau!”  Click on the link above and view it.  See if you can make a connection of what the video is sharing to your fellow classmates.  This video was made for adults, but I know that all of you can learn what it is sharing and transfer and make connections to our class team.  What do you think would happen here at Kula Ha’aha’a if all the students, teachers, faculty members and our ohana followed the 100/0 Principle?  Share your mana’o.  Share this with your ohana at home & encourage them to share their mana’o too.  Together, we strive to thrive! 🙂  See ya all tomorrow!

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