Aloha e Parents,

This is an IMPORTANT message from the Health Room! Please read!  The Health room has discovered that there was an error in the computer system for the Influenza Consent form mailout.  Our whole class did NOT receive it in the mail.  For some reason, the computer did NOT print out any labels for our whole 5B Class.  Kula Ha’aha’a sends out our apologizes for the “glitch” in our system.  Our humble apologies!  🙁  It was your calls on requesting forms that brought this problem to the forefront!  Great job of being involved ohana here on campus!

The school messenger will be calling your homes tonight also.  These are the following instructions that we ask you to pay close attention to:

1) If you would like your child to take Flu shot in school, please fill out & sign form.  Please DATE THE FORM 9/8/11. (The Dept. of Health will NOT accept it if done after that date)

2) Return form immediately to Health Room…latest accepted will be Monday, Sept. 19, 2011.

3) Call the Health room (Uncle Carl 982-0411 or Aunty Julie 982-0211) if you have any questions.

Again, MAHALO ohana for your dedication to get the job done, it was because of your efforts that this error was detected!

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