What is Hāweo?

1st Hāweo Awardees for the Month of August in 5B

What is Hāweo? Hāweo means to put in a place of honor, distinguished place, glittering place. Today, at Kula Ha’aha’a we celebrated the 1st EVER Hāweo Awards to honor the students who have exemplified Ho’okipa in and out of the classroom! Congratulations Saige & Jesse James! This trimester, our award will focus on Ho’okipa..to welcome warmly, to show hospitality when greeting others, ensuring that others feel welcome & included! In FISH! terms, someone who “Chooses Their Attitude” and goes out looking to “Make Someone’s Day!” Congrats again to our 1st Hāweo Award winners…Miss Saige & Mr. Jesse James! Whoop! Whoop to you! 🙂


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