Over 1,000 Hits

Together, we DID it! We have received over 1,000 hits to our blog…in just 3 weeks! I started our class blog on the first day of school and began the journey of being a blogger in the 21st century, with your patience and assistance, & support, we are doing a great job of communicating the happenings of our classroom. The students have been great at checking our blog and keeping me updating it (since they remind me to post new voki messages) and the parents who join in to share their mana’o too. As I said previously, please feel free to share what you think would be helpful to you at home. We’re looking to make our blog truly reflect our 5B ohana in every way. Let’s strive to THRIVE!

P.S. I added Scholastic Book Club link to make it easier for you to do on line book ordering if you choose to place credit card orders. Please be sure to log in with our class code. For every dollar we spend, we receive bonus points. The bonus points can be used to purchase class library books, supplies, and even equipment…like new pencil sharpeners for our class. A big mahalo to Kiara and the Cuyo ohana for donating a pencil sharpener too!

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