ʻAukake 12 – 16, 2019

8/12/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) Day 6

MAP Testing

8/13/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) Day 1

MAP Testing

8/14/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Bus Evacuation Drill: Jeans Day **Please have haumāna wear blue denim jeans with KS polo shirt.

Bus Driver Appreciation Day

8/15/19 Poʻaha (Thursday) Day 2

MAP Testing

8/16/19 Poʻalima (Friday) Day 3

K-12 Beginning of Year Convocation

Please have haumāna dressed in Special Events Attire Whites.

Boys: long, navy blue pants; white polo shirt; Athletic Shoes, white socks & belt. *Kindergarten boys are exempt from using belts.

Girls: navy blue, pleated skirt; white polo shirt; Athletic shoes with white socks. **Note: Except for watches, no jewelry – including earrings. Ribbons, flower, hair decorations are not permitted.

***Refer to Student handbook, pages 24-25 for additional attire requirements.

11:30am – Papa ʻEhā ʻOhana Hoʻolauna Pilina ; see Gr. 4 Kumu for more information.