ʻIanuali 28 – Pepeluali 1

1/28/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) – Day 1

Hauʻoli Poʻakahi!

Operations Appreciation Day! Kula Haʻahaʻa is thankful for our awesome Operations Uncles & Aunties! WE will celebrate them at our wā piko with a Mahalo presentation and ʻono gift baskets with goodies that have been provided by KSH Papa ʻEkolu, Papa ʻEkahi & Faculty.

1/29/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) – Day 2

Hauʻoli Poʻalua!

Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon – Invited Papa ʻEkahi ʻohana please check in at the front office where you can also purchase your $6 lunch ticket. Lunch begins at 10:55am, please be at dining hall by 10:50am .

1/30/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Hauʻoli Poʻakolu!

Papa mālaaʻo – huakaʻi

*School ends at 1:40pm

1/31/19 Poʻaha (Thursday) – Day 3

Hauʻoli Poʻaha!

2/1/19 Poʻalima (Friday) – Day 4

Hauʻoli Aloha Poʻalima!

**ʻI Mua Week begins next week Monday, 2/4 – 2/8. Flyer of dress days & activities was sent home earlier this week. Please ask your keiki about it so you can help them prepare to participate!