ʻIanuali 21-25, 2019

1/21/19 Poʻakahi (Monday) – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – NO SCHOOL

1/22/19 Poʻalua (Tuesday) – Day 4

Hauʻoli Poʻalua – Welcome back to school, hope you had a fun 3-day weekend!

Pilina ʻOhana Luncheon – Gr. 1 A & B invited ʻohana check in at front office & purchase your $6 lunch ticket. Lunch begins at 10:55am, please check in prior to & report to the dining hall.

1/23/19 Poʻakolu (Wednesday)

Hauʻoli Poʻakolu!

Papa ʻEkahi: Huakaʻi to Kumuola

Papa ʻElima: Huakaʻi to Hilo One

1/24/19 Poʻahā (Thursday) – Day 5

ALOHA WEAR DAY:   Students, staff & faculty have the option to dress in Aloha attire. Please refer to student/parent handbook for dress guidelines. School uniform is mandatory if you choose NOT to wear Aloha attire.

1/25/19 Poʻalima (Friday) – Day 6

Hauʻoli Poʻalima

K-8 Charles Reed Bishop Convocation – 8am at Laʻamea (MS) Gym; Please wear Special Attire . Boys: White polo shirts, Pants – long, navey blue twill, pleated w/belt (grades 1-5)

Girls: White polo shirts, skirt – navy blue

*Athletic shoes, white socks, NO JEWELRY, except for watch. **See student handbook pages 25-26 for further dress requirements.

**Collecting gift basket items for Operations Appreciation day from 1st & 3rd Grade haumāna. Please drop off makana to front office with Kumu Nikki by Thursday, 1/24/19. Mahalo!