Super Zoom!

Need to show your students a tiny QuickTime video from a website? Or do you need to show students elements of a document? Try using your ZOOM tool on your Mac.

First, enable the zoom mode by pressing the APPLE + OPTION + 8 keys OR to SYSTEM PREFERENCES in the Apple Menu > UNIVERSAL ACCESS. Then turn the zoom on.

Next, press APPLE, OPTION, and +(Plus) to turn the zoom on, and APPLE, OPTION, and -(Minus) to turn the zoom off.

Inverse Mode

Want a cool screen? Try this!

Press your APPLE + OPTION + CONTROL + 8 keys to inverse your screen. This will invert all of the colors on your screen.

To get out of the inverse mode, type the same keys again.

Quickly Create Archives

Archiving files and folders creates a copy of the items in a compressed file. Archived files take up less disk space than uncompressed files, it is useful for sending information via email.

  1. Press SHIFT and click on all files you would like to archive.
  2. Press the right click button on your mouse and click on CREATE ARCHIVE in the menu.
  3. archive.jpg

  4. The archived photo is created and titled
  5. You can now send the archive file as an email attachment.
  6. Note: The email recipient will download the file, then double click on the file. The archive is then replaced by a folder that contains uncompressed copies of the original items.

Displays-Mirroring Off

Want to do your grades on your teacher laptop and have your students watch a dvd in class at the same time? Here’s how!

  1. Connect the lcd projector to your laptop.
  3. Uncheck MIRRORING OFF
  4. In the ARRANGEMENT window, arrange your menu/dock and windows you’d like people to view and you to see.
  5. You’re ready to multi-task!