Video Tutorials-Trimester 3

For videos demonstrating how to do the concepts and skills that are assessed in the Geometry and Measurement Math Mastery Test, please visit the following web sites by clicking on the links.

Videos to Watch:

  • Finding the area of parallelograms

  • Finding the area of triangles

  • Finding the area of trapezoids

  • Finding the area of circles

  • Finding surface areas of prisms using a net

  • Finding surface areas of cylinders using a net

  • Perimeter and Area Basics
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Perimeter of a Polygon
  • Perimeter and Area of a Non-Standard Polygon
  • Area of a Circle
  • Solid Geometry Volume
  • Cylinder Volume and Surface Area
  • Similar Triangle Basics
  • Similarity Postulates
  • Similar Triangles
  • Similarity Example Problems
  • Application of Similar Triangles
  • Quadrilateral Overview
  • Quadrilateral Properties
  • Area of a Parallelogram

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