8th Grade Class Picnic – August 25

One of the most anticipated days of the school year, the 8th Grade Picnic, will be held on August 25.  All students will attend the picnic and are to ride the KS Bus to and from the beach park.

Lunch will be provided.  Students are to bring a water bottle and may bring their own snacks.  Coolers are not permitted.

Cell phones will NOT be allowed throughout the event.  On that date, parents will be able to call the school office and the information will be relayed to their child at the picnic.

Attire: Comfortable picnic clothes including sunglasses, hats and slippers.  It is strongly recommended that your child use sunscreen. A towel, change of clothes, toiletries and a plastic bag to put wet clothes in are required.  Students who are deemed to be inappropriately dressed, will be asked to cover up.

  • Girls: NO Brazilian suits or bandeau tops, tops must have a strap attached at all times, bottoms and tops must provide full coverage.
  • Boys: Board shorts worn at waist, NO Speedos or Jammers.

Questions, call the student activities office, 843-3476.


E Ola Pono Health Fair Call for Presenters

We are seeking presenters for the E Ola Pono Health Fair on January 12, 2018.  The fair focuses on health – body, mind and spirit.  We hope that you would be willing to share your manaʻo in one of the health areas to help enrich the educational experience for our middle school students aged 12 to 13 years.  We are particularly interested in “digital health and safety” areas, including prevention of repetitive stress injuries and cyber safety.  We are also interested in presentations that promote post-secondary educational opportunities.

If you are able to assist as a presenter, please complete the form.

2018 Health Fair Call for Presentations Form