Winter Spirit Dress Up Days

Please join in the holiday spirit by participating in the Winter Spirit Dress Up Days on December 10 to 12.  Follow the guidelines for participation.

December 10 (Monday) – Christmas Themed Pajama Day: Wear Christmas themed pajamas.  No sweat pants, legging/jeggings or yoga pants.  Joggers are acceptable as long as it is close to the ankle.

December 11 (Tuesday) – Red, White & Green Day :  Wear the three Christmas colors with uniform bottom

December 12 (Wednesday) – Sweater Weather: Wear your Christmas themed sweater with uniform bottom

  • ONLY school bottoms are allowed on the December 11, 12 dress up days.
  • NO inappropriate language or images.
  • Attire not to interfere with class participation and taken off if distracting.
  • Must be able to wear/store with student all day.
  • Sweat Pants, Legging/Jeggings or Yoga Pants are not acceptable on any dress up day.