What is the Student Production Center?

The Student Production Center (SPC) provides materials and workspace to enhance student learning through the collaborative efforts and combined expertise of content area teachers and SPC staff. Graphic specialists provide assistance and approve each project to ensure the best outcome. Students may utilize our resources and materials to produce academic related projects. They have full access to colored laser printers, book binding machines and accompanying materials, poster making materials, and various other craft project resources.

Come into SPC to borrow supplies (i.e. scissors, glue, colored pencils) and/or get paper supplies for class projects (i.e. poster board, card stock, colored paper). We recommend Illustrator for image and design projects! We also RECYCLE, REDUCE, and REUSE materials!

How can the SPC help?

Do you need help with graphics or some sort of design work to supplement your LMS? Do you have an infographic or design you’ve found online and would like to create your own version of it specifically for your class? Visit the link right here for access to the Google Request Form. Let us know how we can help you!

Visual Communication

Students who enroll in the Visual Communication (VisCom) class will work within the SPC to learn and use skills and techniques in order to improve their visual communication skills.  Visual communication involves a brainstorming creative process which takes time get use to through practice and application. To give you an example of how this works, note the slides shown here.  These slides display the logo design work of former VisCom student, Sophia Sellitto.