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How to Save a Rainforest

(http://www.orangutan.org/wp-content/themes/orangutan/images/slide-born-to-be-wild.jpg) In the closing ISTE ʻ12 keynote, biologist Dr. Willie Smits shared his inspiring  journey of developing an innovative, global grassroots network  to save endangered orangutans and the rapidly depleting rainforest in his native Borneo.  In conjunction with his efforts, … Continue reading

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Brain Research: Implications for Teaching and Learning

(http://www.ehow.com/info_7946865_optical-illusion-crafts-kids.html) Providing more visually stimulating and interactive media in teaching and learning was one of the  overarching themes of ISTE 2012, which was modeled in breakout and keynote sessions.  In place of this type of standard bulleted, text filled slide … Continue reading

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