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Creative Commons: Media for Your Site

  There’s a gazillion images and videos online but how can you easily identify those that can be used free of charge? An easy way is to look for media with Creative Commons licensing.  This can be done through google’s … Continue reading

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How to Save a Rainforest

( In the closing ISTE ʻ12 keynote, biologist Dr. Willie Smits shared his inspiring  journey of developing an innovative, global grassroots network  to save endangered orangutans and the rapidly depleting rainforest in his native Borneo.  In conjunction with his efforts, … Continue reading

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David McCandless on Infographics

( The Beauty of Data Visualization

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Learning through Infographics

Incorporating infographics into teaching and learning provides a great way for students to use their critical thinking skills by analyzing and drawing conclusions on visuals presented by the teacher as a point of discussion or created by students as a … Continue reading

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