Report Cards



Report card grades are defined as follows:

EM = Emerging: Your child is beginning to develop the targeted skills/behaviors and needs teacher assistance most of the time.

PR = Progressing: Your child is in the process of learning and applying targeted skills/behaviors. He/she is making steady growth on the development continuum towards understanding of concepts.

CD = Consistently Demonstrating: Your child is independently applying and utilizing targeted skills/behaviors. On a regular basis he/she is showing continued understanding of concepts.

2 Responses to Report Cards

  1. Hope Ke-Leibner says:

    Hi Kumu Nihipali,

    Could you put me down for Thurs, Nov 21 @ 1:40-2pm for parent/teacher conference?

    Hope & Aaron

  2. hanihipa says:

    Aloha Ke-Leibner,
    I have a 1:25-2:05 open on Thurs…..Will that work for you?

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