Fill your bucket with good thoughts, good deeds and good choices

Everyone has an imaginary bucket. You fill your bucket when you do and say good things all day. You don’t want to be a bucket dipper and dip into yours or others bucket.

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Job Share

Mahalo to all our ‘Ohana that have shared their jobs. We thank you for taking the time to come and tell us how does your job help our kaiaulu and what would some of the skills needed to do your job. We continue to welcome parents to come and share. Let me know what dates you have available.

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Our Visit To The High School Māla

As we are learning about how to create the best Māla, we need to visit and Kilo other gardens in our Kaiaulu. Students were amazed at the beautiful Kala and sweet potato plants. Students had fun feeding the goats and pigs. I think they wanted to bring back a goat to hang out at our playground.

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Ms. Witch came to Visit

She flew in for a visit and to the surprise of our Keiki, she made us giggle. She shared a story, made us some witches brew, taught us a Ghost song and let us watch her magic broom dance. We now know that witches aren’t sooo scary.

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New Center

This gallery contains 2 photos.

We opened a new play center. A survey was asked about what store students shopped at in our Kaiaulu and the majority of students said “Target”. Students learn the workings of a store, develop communication skills and build relationships.

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‘Ohana poster

Students are creating their family posters with the Kalo plant as their Hawaiian connection. Kalo Kanu o ka ‘āina- Natives of the land. If you haven’t turned in a family photo, please do so soon. Mahalo

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How Many Ways To Make 5

Students have been busy at counting, organizing and keeping track of numbers. We are building a foundation of quantity of numbers and understanding how a whole is made up of parts, parts which may be “rearranged” to create the whole.

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Fun in Learning!

Students have been organizing, sorting, counting and comparing all while having fun. Following directions and working with a partner are ways papa mālaa’o students show their understanding.

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Learning Routines and Rules

Papa Mālaao students are learning how to fill each others buckets and to make good choices. Students know what is expected of them as they participate in morning meetings, turn and talk, math groups, lunch time, recess and going to our specials. It’s all apart of being ready to learn.

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P.E Days

Hi Papa Mālaaʻo ʻOhana,
Some of you expressed knowing when P. E. days take place so you could prepare your child to wear shorts and girls have their rubber bands ready to put their hair up.
Hereʻs the days we have P.E. Day 4 & 6. We are on a 6 day cycle. Friday August 2, was a day 1, August 5 Monday was a day 2, August 6 Tuesday was a day 3, Wednesday is a short day and not counted in our 6 day cycle.  August 8, Thursday is a day 4 when we have P.E .  August 9, Friday  is a day 5 and August 12, Monday is a day 6 when we have P.E.    Mahalo

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Being A Master Counter

Students are learning…….

  • Sense of numbers – understanding that “five” means a collection of 5 objects.
  • One-to-one-correspondence-the last word in counting sequence names the quantity for that set
  •  Subitizing- recognize quantities of objects quickly without counting.
  • Being able to name numbers in terms of their parts (part-part-Whole)
  • Recognizing numbers and matching it to a collection
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