Session 1 Descriptions

10:45-11:45 Breakout Session 1


Teaching in an iPadded Room: Apple’s iOS Device Delights and Dilemmas in the Classroom
Jim Crum, Mark Hines, Lynne Horiuchi, Kahele Keawe, Tedd Landgraf, Josh Reppun
Pikake Room


Mobile Devices & Digital Content: The Impact on Learning and Student Achievement
Dr. Dan McCormack
Room 1-2


From Angry Birds to Skyrim: What Game Dynamics Teach Us About Learning
Douglas Kiang
Room 3


Poetry Fusion: The Key to 21st Century Skills
Kerri Schweibert
Room 4


Finding Student Voice Through Web 2.0
Billie Napoleon
Room 5


iPads:  From Consumption to Creation
Steve Johnson
Room 7-8


Protecting Yourself and Others in a Digital Age
Jason Martin
Room 9


School-wide Teacher Blogs: Building Relationships through Communication, Collaboration and Creativity
Carmen Richardson, Liana Iaea-Honda
Room 10


Challenge Based Learning: Taking Action on Sustainability
Liz Castillo, Christy Mishina
Room 11