Session 2 Descriptions

1:00-2:00 Breakout Session 2


Building Personal Learning Networks
Will Richardson
Pikake Room


iBooks Textbooks for iPad! (Part 1 of 2)
Nani Daniels, Dr. Dan McCormack
Room 1-2


Classroom Impact: The Lab School @Punahou
Casey Agena, Tedd Landgraf, Chase Mitsuda
Room 3


The Flipped Classroom
Joshua Winter, Yasmin Saban
Room 4


Using The Adobe Creative Suite to Produce Industry Standard Digital Media
Elizabeth Garrison
Room 5


Nurturing Collaboration, Creation, and Publication in Today’s Digital Classroom
Steve Johnson
Room 7-8


Jungle to Jungle : Virtual Field Trips to The Wildest Places on Earth
Amanda Wilson, Jill Pridemore
Room 9


The 5 C’s of Teaching and Learning in 2012
Melia Tauvela
Room 10


Digitizing Hawai‘i and Pacific Resources for 21st Century Haumana
Kawika Makanani
Room 11