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  • KS-issued face masks and face shields are required and worn throughout the day.  Face shields and masks are a required part of the school dress code.
  • Students will be required to complete the Student Wellness Check In.  Wellness checks should be completed by 7am each morning.  Please use this link to access the check-in:
  • Temperature checks will be conducted daily
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizers frequently
  • Maintain social distancing throughout the day.
  • Follow social distancing signs posted throughout campus (directional signs, closed seating areas, etc)
  • When in common areas, yield to the right.
  • No loitering or congregating
  • For additional information please visit the Kapālama Health and Safety Plan
  • Student Travel policies are here:

Updated 5.20.2020

Aloha mai kākou,

This is our last week for our Freshman-Juniors!  My office will send out one more closing email next week Wednesday as we prepare to close out the year.

  1. 1. KS Property Return – Grades 9-11

Once the seniors are off and running out the gate, underclassmen day students (Papa 2021, 2022, 2023) will be offered opportunies to return all KS property such as textbooks, cameras, costumes, etc.

NO LAPTOPS.  Students will also be able to claim personal property from Pākī lockers and 9/10 P.E. lockers; as well as return Athletic equipment and uniforms on these days.  In order to keep the traffic manageable and avoid large crowding, we are scheduling one date per class.  These dates and times are listed here.

In an effort to maintain the safety and well-being for all, everyone will need to respect and practice social distancing protocols.  Guidelines are provided in this communications.


May 27        Papa 2021        Hope Po’okumu Alyssa K. Braffith

May 28        Papa 2022        Hope Po’okumu Jacob Pacarro

May 29        Papa 2023        Hope Po’okumu Eric Okazaki

Location:        Konia Circle

Time:          9:00 am till 1:00 pm

Please find the directions and procedures for returning KS property and/or retrieving personal propert from lockers below.

Located at Konia Field, underclassmen families will be allowed onto campus during these designated dates/time to return KS school property at various department stations. This drop-off will allow students to return KS items, and avoid additional charges on their school accounts for any lost or damaged items. Students will not be permitted to exit their car at any time while on campus, except if retrieving personal items from their locker. Items to return include, but are not limited to textbooks, uniforms, supplies, cameras, costumes, instruments, etc.


Preparing KS property for return:

  • All items to return must be bagged individually by student (grocery bag, small trash bag, plastic bag, etc.).
  • Each bagged item must include an identification label attached to bag. Home made labels taped to the bag are fine.  If no label available, it must be written on the bag.
  • Identification label should include the following information:

o    Studentʻs first and last name 

o    I.D. number

o    Department property belongs to

o    Class name and kumuʻs name.

  • Once drop off complete, all persons must exit campus through Main Gate.


  •  P.E.lockers personal items: Students who have to retrieve personal items from the lower campus P.E. Locker rooms and/or drop off athletic equipment will park on Levels 6 and 7 of parking structure.  Use the overpass to access Koai’a.
  • Athletics equipment drop off will be on the Mawaena field side entrance to the building.
  • P.E. proceed to locker rooms. Supervised entry; no more than 2 students will be allowed to enter at one time.
  • Paki Locker Personal item pick up: vehicles will pull in at Pākī breezeway.  No more than 2-3 students at a time will be allowed to retrieve their belongings.  Return to vehicles immediately.  Proceed to Konia to complete department drop offs or exit campus from that point.
  • Konia Drop Off: Vehicles will enter through breezeway and proceed to the drop off station and contiue around the circle to exit.  Be patient as traffic may be slow at times.  Drive safely.
  • REMAIN completely in your vehicle at all times.
  • Konia Lockers: personal property pick up from lockers for Grade 11 will be given a pass at entry to be displayed on the dashboard.  Pass will be given to the station monitor(s) to enter the building.
  • EXIT: Once your items are all returned, please proceed to leave campus immediately through the main gate.

EVENT SAFETY EXPECTATIONS AND PROTOCOLS: All participating faculty and staff must adhere to the safety expectations and protocols.

Kamehameha Schools Underclassmen Property Return Safety Protocols

Current COVID-19 physical distancing protocols  apply to all underclassmen and parent(s) accessing campus to return KS property.

SAFETY EXPECTATIONS FOR ALL underclassmen & parent(s)

  • All students/families in the vehicles are required to use a mask. Individuals will not be permitted to exit their car at any time while on campus, unless you have a Konia locker personal property retrieval pass.
  • There should be no physical contact between employees and individuals in car.
  • Physical distancing, remaining at least six feet apart from each other, will be practiced at all times during the event.
  • Students and family members with any symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell and any participant placed in quarantine or isolation in the previous 3 weeks (2 for incubation plus 1 for course of asymptomatic infection) should not come on campus.
  • Any individual with the above symptoms can make alternate arrangements through their Vice Principal’s Office.


If you have any questions, please call your Vice Prinicpal.

Alyssa K. Braffith     Papa 2021    808 842-8983

Jacob Pacarro        Papa2022    808 842-8116

Eric Okazaki        Papa 2023    808 842-8753

  1. 2. Parking (sent last week)

Aloha parents of current DAY school freshman, sophomore and juniors,

We would first like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your patience as we make adjustments during these challenging and unprecedented times.  We have received many emails over the last few weeks regarding student parking for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  We are pleased to let you know we are now ready to share our new procedures with you.

Parking applications will be taken online via Google Form ( Requests for parking received will be filled according to when the completed application packet is timestamped in Google Drive.  Because of the limited number of parking stalls, not all requests for parking can be filled.  Applications received after all spaces are filled will be wait-listed and filled on a first come first served basis.  We will not be responding to emails asking for status in line.  We will only notify you if you are on the waitlist.

You may currently apply for both the country bus and student parking.  However, if you are selected for a student parking pass, a choice must be made between the bus or driving privileges.  We will notify you beginning June 22nd  if you are eligible for a student parking pass.  At that time, if you have signed up for the KS commuter bus, you will need to make a choice.

If selected for a parking pass, we normally have a decal meeting in the summer which is required for all student drivers.  This is currently on hold and pending future social distancing guidelines. If we do hold decal meetings, whether virtual or in person, you will be notified.  At that time, we will ask for vehicle paperwork (vehicle registration, safety check and insurance) and the $100 parking fee.

Students who have an occasional need to drive may secure a one-day parking pass for vehicles from `Akahi Student Center for $2.00 per day.  Parking will be in the designated one day pass parking lot.  Students wishing to drive and park for one day must present their driver’s license, the vehicle registration, their No-Fault insurance card and proof of current safety check in order to obtain a one-day pass (Please plan ahead as parking is limited).

All students who drive and park on campus are to adhere to the rules and regulations as described in the Student Handbook and the Student Driver’s Manual.  Failure to do so may result in either the student being fined or having their driving privileges revoked depending upon the infraction and final disposition of either Traffic Court or the Dean of Student Activities.  Individuals who repeatedly violate KS Parking Rules and Regulations and /or unauthorized vehicles parked on campus may be subject to being towed off campus at the owner’s expense.  Parents are also responsible for acquainting themselves with student parking and driving regulations.

Students or parents who have any questions regarding driving and parking on campus should email Administrative Coordinator Teszra Kang ( or Dean of Student Activities Cheryl Yamamoto (


  1. 3. Mālama Ola Reminders (For 9-11 Graders) 

Aloha e Kamehameha Schools Kāpalama ʻOhana,

As we prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, weʻd like to take this opportunity to provide you with the information needed to ensure your studentʻs medical clearance for the next school year. The attached letter and forms are being sent to all current grade 8 – 11 ʻohana. Please click on the following links to view and/or download the forms:

Mālama Ola reminder letter

Physical Evaluation form

Request for Administration of Medicine

Mahalo! Mālama Ola


We hope you have a great last week!

Wendy Erskine


Updated 5.4.2020

General Grading Policy Guidelines

Beginning May 15, all KSK high school students will have the option to select “Pass/No Credit” in lieu of the traditional A-F scale for each of their Quarter 4 classes. This option is only for Quarter 4 grades and will be available by Google Form. The Final Exam and Semester 2 grades will still reflect with the traditional A-F scale.

The process for implementing the Pass/No Credit for Quarter 4 will be:

  1. Faculty will continue to award letter grades for Quarter 4 classes by entering their grades into KS Connect during the regular grading period.
    • Courses already established as Pass/Fail will continue to use those designations.
  2. Seniors will finish instruction on May 15th.  Grades must be uploaded in SMS by 3:30pm on May 18th.
  3. Freshmen-Juniors will finish instruction on May 21st.  Grades must be uploaded to SMS by 3:30pm on May 22nd.  Once faculty have entered their grades by May 22, students will be able to view the assigned grades in KS Connect over the weekend through May 26th.
  4. From May 15-26th, students may choose to retain their letter grades or convert their letter grades to the Pass/NC designation for one or more classes.  This notification will be completed via Google Form.
  5. Students must complete their Google Form by 12:00PM on May 26th.  The grades will be final and will include a notation indicating this is a “semester disrupted by COVID-19” on the transcript.

For the purposes of this policy, Pass (P) may be awarded for a Quarter 4 grade of D- or higher. Establishing credit at a D- allows for those students opting for the Credit option to continue to meet the requirements for entry to other required courses, as well as prerequisites for courses in a sequence. The Pass (P) designation will not be counted in the GPA.

Students with a Quarter 4 letter grade of F may opt instead for No Credit (NC). But if it was a graduation requirement or pre-requisite, the course may need to be re-taken. If they opt for No Credit, that course will not be counted towards their Quarter GPA.

  • PE 1 and PE 2 are semester courses that for any student who took it in the 2nd semester will have the opportunity to mark this as a Pass/No Credit for this year only.


Within the KS System, students will be “held harmless” by the choice to select P/NC in Quarter 4, 2020. Furthermore, academic probation will be extended to the following quarter for any student who does not move off academic probation based on their Quarter 4, 2020 grades and/or GPA.

While earning a low grade can bring a student’s cumulative GPA down, choosing the P/NC option and not earning a letter grade may also have potential negative impacts:

  • Course selection, grades earned in courses, and cumulative GPA will be considered at varying levels for certain college programs and college admissions
  • Cumulative GPA may be used in awarding merit scholarships
  • NCAA core course GPA impacts student athlete’s initial eligibility

Class Rankings, National Honor Society and the Honors Diploma are determined by Semester Grades and so this policy will have no effect on these three programs.


Due to policies at our partner colleges, as well as a letter grade being necessary to transfer college credit, students enrolled in dual credit do not have the option to take dual credit course for “no credit”

  • IF the current COVID-19 situation has students concerned that they may earn a low grade in a dual credit course, please reach out to their grade level counselor ASAP.

Some professional accreditation organizations may not permit alterations to the grading process. In such cases, a very limited number of exceptions may be granted upon request to the Poʻokumu’s Office.

Updated 6.2.21

Coming Soon!

Information forthcoming.  Please direct questions to the KSK Summer School Office at 842-8765.

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Updated 8.14.2020

For laptop and technology-related problems or issue or basic troubleshooting, please contact the Wahi Lolouila (PRC):

  1. Submit an Online Request for Tech Support  (preferred method) OR
  2. Email:  OR
  3. Phone:  808-842-8086 (Grades 9 & 11) or 808-842-8950 (Grades 10 & 12)
  4. Ke Koʻi Lipi Website & Quick Fixes

For Canvas & digital learning support:

  1. ʻOhana Help Desk
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: (808) 842-8822


Reminders for Using your Laptop

  • Make sure you can access all of your work and materials from home
  • Do not deplete your laptopʻs battery completely.  Doing so may affect your laptopʻs performance and connectivity
  • Carrying your MacBook Air by the display will cause damage to the screen.  Please carry your device closed from location to another
  • All school policies, including the technology use guidelines, are in effect while using your laptop

** Currently, we are not issuing loaners due to health risks and campus closure. We are constantly evaluating the situation with administration and will update you if this changes. We are committed to helping you find alternatives that will assist you in getting your school work completed.

Getting Started with Zoom (instructions)


Updated 1.8.21

Semester 2 Re-Opening Plan

Use of Zoom for videoconferencing from KS ITD**

When will the DLP be implemented?

As communicated by our Poʻokula Dr. Taran Chun, KS Kapālama will begin implementation of our school-level Distance Learning Plans on April 6, 2020.  Communication from our Poʻokumu Wendy Erskine will be sent to haumāna, ʻohana and kumu on March 30, 2020.  Included in this communication will be links to resources as well as “Kumu Plans” which outline expectations, a 2-week calendar, and direct links to your kumu’s specific online platform (Blackboard, Google Classroom, etc).


Link to DLP (updated 3.27.2020)