Quick Fixes *New*

Global Protect

  1. Refresh the connection.
  2. If refreshing the connection doesn’t work then restart your laptop.
  3. If restarting your laptop doesn’t work then go into the settings of Global Protect so that you can delete your portal address (gp.ksbe.edu) and re-add it.
  4. If deleting and re-adding the portal address doesn’t work then restart your laptop as well as restart your home wifi network.
  5. If restarting your laptop and your network doesn’t work, please contact me so that I can escalate your issue to our Tier 2 support team.

Please remember to continue to restart your laptop every day to cut down on the number of issues you may experience.


  1. Open the application named Self Service on your laptop.
  2. Find the Zoom install/update in Self Service and install/update it.
  3. Once the install/update is finished you can close Self Service.
  4. Find Zoom on your laptop and open it.