Grading Policies

Types of Assignments/Assessments

-Daily Classwork                                      -Quizzes                                                                           -Homework                                               -Tests                                                                                 -Group Work                                             -Performance Assessments                                         -Projects                                                     -Presentations


 +         =       Excellent

√+       =       Good

√       =        Satisfactory

√-     =        Needs Improvement

–       =        Not Acceptable

*Poor Quality Work will need to be redone and will result in a lower grade.

*Missing Assignment will lead to a zero grade.

EM = Emerging:  Your child is beginning to develop the targeted skills/behaviors and needs teacher assistance most of the time.

PR = Progressing: Your child is in the process of learning and applying targeted skills/behaviors.  He/she is making steady growth on the development continuum towards understanding of concepts.

CD = Consistently Demonstrating: Your child is independently applying and utilizing targeted skills/behaviors.  On a regular basis he/she is showing continued understanding of concepts.

Late Work

1 day late = 1 grade lower

2 days = 2 grades lower

No credit will be given after 2 days



              Students will be given 1 make-up day for each day of absence.

* Extended Absences (more than 2 days)     

– At least 2 days notice is required for homeroom teacher to gather assignments.


             – Students will be held responsible to contact special teacher(s) for make-up work and instruction.

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