Daily Homework

Weekly Routine:

Monday                    Reading & Homework Grid (due Friday)

Tuesday                   Reading

Wednesday            Reading

Thursday                 Reading


  • Homework will gradually increase throughout the school year.
  • Incomplete work will also be assigned as homework if it cannot be completed during the course of the school day.
  • The routine might change due to holidays, short weeks, or special assignments.
  • Expected time for homework is 20-30 minutes, in addition to nightly reading.
  • If your child is spending more than 30 minutes on homework, or seems to consistently have significant problems with assignments, please notify the teacher.
  • Occasionally, other subject area homework, or projects, may be assigned.  Please check your child’s planner daily.
  • Parents will receive descriptions and deadlines for any projects well in advance of the due-date.  Homework load will be adjusted when there is additional project work.

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