Native or Introduced?

Our homework last week was to kilo and list the various plants and animals that we see in the environment around us. Hāwele’s mom, ‘Anakē Lahela, then shared with us her expertise about the origin of these species that we found.

We learned that a plant or animal can be placed in one of the four categories:
1) Native endemic- something that got to Hawai’i naturally (3 Ws or 3 Ms) and can be found nowhere else in the world
2) Native indigenous- something that got to Hawai’i naturally but is also native to other places as well
3) Polynesian Introduction- something that arrived in Hawai’i on the canoe prior to 1778
4) Recent Alien Introduction- something that was introduced to Hawai’i after 1778 through present day

After compiling the class data for the plants, haumāna were able to make sense of the data shared in a bar graph and conclusions were made.

Next week, we will continue looking at the data for the animals that we saw and make our own graphs.

Mahalo, ‘Anake Lahela, for teaching us about our native plants and animals and how different species can affect them and their survival in our environment.

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