Reforestation In The Making

As a part of our STEAM unit, Papa ʻEkolu is well on their way to learning how they can be a part of the reforestation efforts here in our very own kaiaulu, at Kamehameha Schools, Keaʻau Campus.

Kumu Noe and Uncle Jason visited with us last week and helped the keiki create a plan for planting and caring for their ohiʻa seedlings. Before planting could begin, they first needed to make a decision on what growing mediums would go into each of their planters. Then,the hands-on work began. Hands got dirty as they created mixtures of moss, cinder and perlite to create the perfect home for the precious ohiʻa seedlings. Then came the positive words of encouragement to help the seedlings grow.

With the help of Kumu Noe’s husband, a shade house was constructed right outside our classroom doors. This is where all forty or so seedlings are frequently checked on and cared for by the haumāna. With some sun, rain and love we hope to see our seedlings sprout within the month.

I mohala no ka lehua i ke ke`ekehi `ia e ka ua.

Translation: The Lehua blossom unfolds when the rains tread on it.

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