Tiari Faagata


Tiari Faagata (Lāanoano/Attendant to Hina) is a junior aiming to join the Humanities Academy, Visual Arts pathway, and currently lives in Kea‘au on the island of Hawaiʻi. Her first performance was in KHS’s Fiddler on the Roof as a part of the chorus, and has thus performed in KHS’s SY2014-2015 Hō‘ike as a main character and in their 2015 musical, West Side Story as the side character Consuela. She is an enthusiast towards art, singing and performing arts, and is always drawing and listening to music when not focusing on school. In being a part of the select group who will be proudly representing Kamehameha Schools at the 2016 AHSTF Fringe with this performance, she is hoping to be able to expand her experience, knowledge, and perspectives on the world, as well as spreading the Hawaiian culture internationally. After high school, she is planning on going to college and wishes to major in visual arts. Tiari would like to thank her parents and grandparents for their constant support in all she does, whether art, acting, or education.