Working SMARTer with SMART Tools

Creating Content Using Online Tools

In this presentation, I will show teachers how to access the SMART Exchange (through the SMART Technologies website) and search, review, and download Notebook lessons to use in the classroom with their SMART Board.  I will also show teachers how Notebook lessons can be modified to customize it to the needs of their students.  Teachers are welcome to bring their laptops/flashdrives to bookmark websites, search, download, and share lessons.  I will be happy to share any Notebook lesson(s), file(s), or resources I have as well.


Terri Trevathan
Maunawili Elementary School
My name is Terri Trevathan and I am the Technology Coordinator at Maunawili Elementary School.  I have been teaching for seventeen years and have taught elementary grades from kindergarten to sixth grade, in both Hawai’i and North Carolina.  I have always had an interest in integrating technology with all subject areas.  My interest in technology was sparked when I was teaching in North Carolina and was given the opportunity to teach with a SMART board and responders.  When I moved back to Hawai’i in 2006, I encouraged our Technology Coordinator to explore the possibility to bringing SMART Technologies products to Maunawili Elementary School.  Today, we have a SMART board in every classroom from Kindergarten to sixth grade.  I have also recently obtained a Masters in Education degree from the University of Hawaii. I conducted research at Maunawili Elementary and focused my Plan B paper on supporting teachers in their utilization of new technologies in the classroom.