Why Ask Who, What, When and Where? The Importance of Conducting Quality Needs Assessment Activities When Developing Technology Plans

Administrator Strand / Policy Challenges

CBECE, with the support of KS’ Instructional Services Center and IT, conducted a division-wide   online needs assessment division-wide with over an 80% return rate.  The presentation will share the development of the instrument, actions to encourage participation and plans for how to best utlilize the results.  The goal of the presentation is to emphasize the importance of soliciting staff input and identifying existing needs and resources before developing or implementing both an instructional and operational technology plan.


Terry Kelly
Kamehameha Schools CBECE
Currently the Associate Director of KS’ Community-Based Early Childhood Education Division(CBECE); previously, the Divisional Director of the Program Support Division(PSD) which faciliated the production and dissemination of online learning resources and distance learning education programs for diverse learners including middle-high school, teachers/staff and parents/caregivers.