Nurturing Collaboration, Creation, and Publication in Today’s Digital Classroom

Teaching in a Global World

How do we grow an environment of collaboration, creation, and publication?  How should technology and digital tools fit into this equation?

In this session, we’ll explore ways to make your classroom and school a breeding ground for meaningful collaboration, innovative creation, and powerful publication.  Together we will actively build, tinker, experiment, reflect, connect, and share.  We’ll learn together how to create a learning environment that promotes these skills while using digital tools to enhance and amplify student experiences and empowerment.    Above all, we will have fun learning together!


Steve Johnson

A former kindergarten and 2nd-grade teacher who now helps teachers and students utilize digital tools to collaborate, create, and publish. Working with students and teachers is my passion.

Most recently, I’ve written a book, Digital Tools for Teaching, and started a site to house short tutorial videos, both are aimed at helping teachers to meaningfully use digital tools with students.