Jungle to Jungle : Virtual Field Trips to The Wildest Places on Earth

Teaching in a Global World

In an age where endless tracts of information are outsourced to devices that live on our desks and in our pockets, the new frontier of education is no longer simple recitations; rather, it is hands on, engaging, solution -oriented, creative exploration.

Education can be as stimulating and exciting to kids as video games and Facebook, but it requires a shift from seeing our children as merely vessels for facts and figures.  They are explorers through fields of learning. Whether on another island or across the planet, given the right tools a student can both find answers to their questions and provide information to others.  This is the essence of New Education, and it is the type of curriculum that Jungle to Jungle provides.


Amanda Wilson
Jungle to Jungle
Amanda Li Wilson graduated from the University of Southern California with a specialized interdisciplinary BA entitled “Childhood and ADHD”. Long involved in tutoring and mentoring, she is currently teaching at Kihei Charter School in Maui and continuing her education at University of Hawaii Manoa. After co-founding Jungle to Jungle in March 2009, she has had the opportunity to connect students in Maui and the Big Island to students in Peru, Colombia, and Malaysia. She heads up the curriculum side of the Jungle to Jungle project.

Jill Pridemore
Jungle to Jungle
Susan Jill Pridemore attended the University of Texas at Austin. She was involved in an art therapy mentoring project for abused and neglected young people in both Texas and Minnesota. She later transitioned into working for a web development company in Minneapolis. She currently works as a video editor and studio manager on Maui. Since co-founding Jungle to Jungle, she has created over 18 original science education videos for the project. She is also the tech coordinator of the project.